Timeliner XE

The Timeliner XE was a pretty cool program.  It allows teachers and students to create and illustrate time lines using different sources of media.  This helps students understand sequencing and order of events in a cool and interactive way.  I really thought this was neat because I want to go into special education and autistic learners’ visualization skills are very good.  This is an awesome way to teach them historical events or explain stories to them through pictures, sounds, text and videos.  Instead of having the students create these time lines, I would do it and teach the lesson using this visual aide.  It is recommended for middle school and high school students but it could still be very beneficial to a teacher at the elementary school level.  Timeliner XE is a powerful and intuitive software program students use to organize data.  There are over 1,000 media files, more than 400 customizable activity files in language arts, science, and social studies and 50 ready-made research assignments that include free, educationally appropriate articles from Grolier Online.  This is a really neat program that a teacher could get really creative with and if age appropriate, the students could have a lot of fun building things too!


Tic Tac Math Universal

Image App that I found most interesting was the Tic Tac Math Universal App.  I think that Tic Tac Toe is a pretty fun game for the younger students and incorporating math into it makes it educational.  I was never very good at math so I wish there was cool games like this when I was learning.  This App can provide extra help for students like me, which really needed the help but didn’t like to do it; instead this is an entertaining way to do the work.  Younger kids these days are always playing on smartphones and it would be very beneficial if the parents put educational games on their phones, instead of other random stuff that kids get addicted to at such a young age that will not even benefit them in anyway for the future.  I am a fan of the other Apps that are listed under the early childhood age group as well.  Little kids can be entertained so easily, so I think it is awesome that they are making games that will make a difference in education in the long run.          

First Blog!

My name is Nicole Waitt but everyone calls me Nikki and I plan to teach Special Education.  I fell in love with disabled students when I was in high school and took part in the Peer Buddies Program.  I was involved in that for two years and I new that, that was what I wanted to do as my career. 

Communication is key in anything.  When you are dealing with someone else’s children, you especially need to communicate with the family/parents about what is going on in the classroom or daycare whether it is good or bad.  I feel that a teacher needs to keep open communication at all times with the parents, because it is very important to keep good relationships with them.  If anything were to occur in the classroom or at daycare, it will be easier for the teacher to talk with the family.  Not all situations are easy, but if you have a good relationship it most definitely helps. 

I think that blogging could be a good way to discuss events or project that the students are doing in school.  An example would be that the students could blog about ideas they have for their projects that way they can bounce off each other to create something unique and challenging to them.  If we took part in an event, as a teacher I could have the students write up something about what they did or witnessed.  This is assuming that the students are old enough to operate a computer and website.  This can benefit the students in numerous ways.  It can make them feel connected and important by posting publicly to the class, it can help to unite and challenge the students if they are working together and giving feedback on other’s blogs and it can also keep the students in touch with one another by having them converse, which makes for good communication.