Assistive Technologies Corner

The assistive technologies corner provides some creative ways to use technology in the classroom that will also cater to those with special needs.  For example, students with limited hand mobility have several options including a keygaurd, screen displayed keyboard, touch screen and intellikeys.  All these provide ways in which students that have difficulty using a regular keyboard can still participate when using computers to complete assignments.  There are also other options of input devices, head mounted pointer and switches, just to name a few.  Now that technology has become increasingly popular in school and education, we have to take into consideration those who may not be able to complete all tasks done with technology.  But because technology is advancing so far, they are accommodating now more than ever, those who need it.  Assistive Technologies Corner also provides information on current hardware, software, and peripherals that will assist in delivering instruction to students with physical, cognitive, or sensory challenges.  I would incorporate these other ways into lessons so not only the special needs students will benefit, but also it will teach the entire class something new.  It will help not to single out certain students and in the end we can all benefit from learning new methods.         


2 thoughts on “Assistive Technologies Corner

  1. I like how you point out that by teaching an entire class about disability aids, it can make it seem less like a student is singled out. I think that head-mounted pointers would be a good thing to try to teach an entire class how to use. Children can be harsh, and I can envision a student being bullied for wearing it. However, explaining the device and giving each student a chance to use it, could help foster a sense of sympathy.

  2. I completely agree. My post was extremely similar, and i didn’t even think of something until i read yours, was that there are voice to text headsets. These could also be extremely helpful for students with limited hand mobility. And the software for these voice to text programs are becoming extremely advanced, to the point that errors become few and far between the more you use them. And as far as i know the headsets and software are not that expensive to acquire for schools.

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