Chapter 5 Apps Corner

The two Apps that really caught my eye were for two different age groups, myhomework and Tallytots.  The myhomework App is great for students that are tech-savy and prefer for everything to be saved onto a device.  Some students do not carry planners anymore and for those that don’t, this can be the perfect way to keep up to date with all their homework, tests, quizzes, project etc… It also has a feature that can link to the teacher in which he/she can send the syllabus and other important documents through the App.  

The other great App that I noticed was the Talltots.  Though that App is for younger kids, I still think it is a great, fun way for children to be doing education outside of the classroom.  So many parents let their children play on their phones and by having that App on their can provide them with entertainment through the colors, shapes and sizes meanwhile practicing number recognition.    


2 thoughts on “Chapter 5 Apps Corner

  1. I also noticed and appreciated myHomework. I particularly liked how it could be synced between the website and a student’s devices. This goes a long way in making sure that a student doesn’t look their planner with all it’s due dates. Even it’s ability to receive updates from the can go a long way in preventing a student from forgetting something important. For a forgetful student, like me, this app could easily become a staple.
    As for TallyTots, I think any app that makes learning fun is fantastic.

  2. The myHomework app is also the one that most caught my eye. The possibilities for distribution of due dates, and upcoming inportant quiz or test dates is extremely useful for students who may be procrastinators, or otherwise busy in their out of school lives.

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