Week 12 Apps

I think that iBook is a really great app.  Reading is critical in today’s society and you can never read too much or start to early.  The more exposed our kids are, the better and more confident they will become.  I know that I need to practice my reading comprehension and wish there were things like this around when I was learning to read.  It is a great way to get kids to love to read early on.  If they enjoy it right from the beginning, they will be better off!  The iBook app has tons of best-selling, classic books that are available day or night to download. All teachers and parents should encourage their kids to read no matter what level they are at! 


BrainPop is also another app that I think is fantastic! It is short animated movies available in a variety of topics.  The students can learn about things from dinosaurs and aliens to natural disasters and the U.S. constitution.  Again, I feel that everything in today’s society revolves around exposing our kids earlier to the real world and core academic subjects.  Movies can help them better understand the lessons and get a firmer grasp on concepts.   


One thought on “Week 12 Apps

  1. As an aspiring Author, i was of the opinion that digital books were a bad thing, always preferring to hold the paper in my hand, physically turning the pages, but after using a friend’s kindle, i realized that the access to so many books at your fingertips is simply ridiculous. The fact that these types of devices are not as wide spread in schools baffles me. School textbooks are so expensive as it currently stands, the cost of a kindle per student couldn’t possible be much more. Perhaps as these devices become cheaper, and the number of devices that contain the software to read books grows from just those book readers to tablets, phones, laptops, refrigerators, then the need for school physical books will diminish.

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