Week 13 Blog


WetWoo is an app that is divided into 3 age appropriate groups.  It takes videos directly from YouTube that are all children friendly and appropriate for the selected ages.  The ages range from 3- 5, 6-8 and 9+.  This app can help teachers to use fun videos found online for educational purposes and quick navigation that is sure to be age appropriate.  It can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to find just the right video for a demonstration in class, so this app can help the search to be a lot easier.  It provides a wide variety of age ranges so many teachers can find this useful.  It also has videos that provide information about animals, places, people and music.  It is easy to use for both the teachers and the students.  It is a safe environment, so the students could even navigate their own way through the app.  The videos are handpicked for entertainment and educational purposes.  This app sounds like a great app to have handy especially if the classroom is equipped with an Ipad(s).  The students can learn how to use the app on their own which will enable them to experience and master technology on their own!


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